Business Process Outsourcing Services


Alliance Group Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a leading provider of BPO services focusing on the complex, voice and non-voice based segment of customer-care services.We unlock business value by applying proven process methodologies and business excellence frameworks to significantly reduce costs, enhance effectiveness and optimize business processes. We are specializing in Customer Acquisitions, Finance and Accounting and Mortgage Loan Processing Services.

Quality Initiatives

Alliance Group BPO follows industry best practices and metric-based quality norms for all its processes. This is supported by robust technology infrastructure, strong human resources and a customized training program and transition framework.

Customer Service

At Alliance Group, we understand that organizations have diverse customer service needs. We take the time to develop CUSTOMIZED customer care programs, providing the resources you need to deliver a better experience to your customers. With extensive inbound experience and knowledge, we offer a variety of applications in both the business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets.

We take the time to develop CUSTOMIZED customer care programs,providing the resources you need to deliver a better experience to your customers.

Our expertise and innovative sales approach, including up-selling and cross-selling strategies, will increase your ROI while providing your customer with the support they deserve.

Customer Contact Colutions

  • Customer Care
  • Order Processing/Tracking
  • Catalog Support
  • Payment Reminders
  • 3rd Party Verification
  • Direct Response
  • Web Chat
  • Technical and Support Services
  • Product Recall Support
  • Business Continuity

Our Customer Care Solutions have allowed Companies to benefit from:

  • Fully Hosted, Redundant Solutions
  • Quick To Market Program Deployment
  • Connectivity to Total Systems, FDR, Experian, and Other Proprietary Systems
  • Fully Trained, Educated, and Motivated Sales Team
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Full, Overflow, and After Hour Support Services
  • Integration with IVR Solutions

Customer Acquisitions

Our mortgage leads (Customer Acquisitions) are fully DNC/FSA compliant and are of exceptional quality which are exclusive for our clients and not shared with any other clients. All our Mortgage leads and other financial leads are generated by using our own call centers' across India and China.

Alliance Group offers mortgage leads to banks - lenders and brokers which are not only DNC compliant but are also verified twice. Our live transfered telephone leads and email mortgage leads are available at realistic and affordable prices. We also offer UK Mortgage Leads, Australian Mortgage Leads, USA Mortgage leads and Ireland Mortgage Leads.

All leads are generated exclusively using our own call centres, and are not shared with any other clients.

Lead Criteria

All Financial leads would include all important details such as name, current address,all contact numbers, reasons to get a loan , total desired loan amount, property value, current employment status , current rate of interest etc.

To ensure that our mortgage leads are of highest quality , they all are double verified leads

Only verified leads which fit the clients's criteria are forwarded to the client through live telephonic transfers.

Quality Control

We would ensure that you always get the exact kind of leads that you have desired and not those which donot fit your criteria's or are not interested to take loan. All our endevour would be in the direction for you to get higher conversion on the leads supplied by us.

Step 1: A Qualified mortgage telemarketer would generat a lead.

Step 2: The Quality team would listen to the entire conversation that the telemarketer had with the borrower and based on the voice recording they will either approve or reject the lead. Only those leads which are approved would be sent to the verifier and the rest will be sent back to the dialing team for redialing.

Step 3: The verifier then will back the Quality approved leads to verify that the customer is still interested for the loan and will transfer this lead to the broker - lender - bank only if he finds clear intention of the borrower for the loan and has an express consent from the borrower to be transfered. All those leads where there is no express consent would be rejected and would not be transfered to the client.

Step 4: Even after transfering double verified mortgage lead , if at all the customer says no to the mortgage or financial advisor for the loan , then the said lead would immediately be replaced based on the recorded conversation.

Replacement Policy

Our Replacement policy is very fair. We replace all the leads.

Our criteria for leads that can be returned are as follows:

  • If you were not able to get in touch with the potential customer because of incorrect contact information ( this if for paper leads - static leads - email leads).
  • The customer doesnot show interest in your services as he is not in need of any financial and this is evident in the call recording.
  • The criteria's which you have asked for are different from what has been submitted to you.

Live Transfer Lead Generation Process

We invest lot of time and efforts to evolve the lead generation process for you which ultimately helps you to get good quality leads and are compliant with FSA/DNC regulations.

We employ the following procedure:

  • Only those customers are called who are not in TPS register.
  •  In order to establish that the customer is interested to remortgage or get a loan , the agent would undertake a general life style survey and would verify all the relevant details and would check his intention and need to get a loan.
  •  The agent would then explain to the borrower that they will call them back, with a mortgage consultant on the line.
  • To confirm that the customer is still interested , he would be called again and his interest would be verified again.
  • Only those leads are transfered to the mortgage advisors where in the customer has re-verified his intenetion for the loan.

This five step procedure results in highly qualified live transfers that are of exceptional quality.

Finance and Accounting

Alliance Group International is one of the leading companies providing world-class outsourced Finance and Accounting (F&A) services.

Alliance Group enables their clients to move their focus away from non value added transactional activity, leaving them free to do more with their business.

As part of their Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offerings, Alliance Group provides customized delivery and management of customer mission-critical finance and accounting functions.
Alliance Group’s Finance & Accounting (F&A) Services include the following:

  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Fixed asset management
  • Time and expense administration
  • Project accounting
  • Reporting
Why Alliance Group?

  • You focus on your business and customers – Alliance Group does the accounting and finance function.
  • You receive the information you need when you need it.
  • You can drive organizational change with Alliance Group as the catalyst
  • You obtain a flexible, cost effective, proven solution that allows you to adjust your staffing as your business grows.
  • You are protected through a monthly performance report to ensure you receive the results you expect.

Mortgage Processing

A domain-trained, skilled workforce allows us to remain competitive. Alliance Group’s project managers come with extensive experience; each having worked with at least one major originator. To start with, we have the necessary knowledge on the workings of the mortgage industry. We build that up with periodical refresher courses with our delivery teams.

Business Process

  • Strong focus on processes and structure using comprehensive business models
  • Use of PERT, CPM and Six Sigma approach from project planning to delivery
  • Striving towards COPC compliance and International Market Research norms
  • Extensive business contingency and disaster recovery model
  • Each and every transaction is audited by QA team by checking the transaction logs and listening to recordings of interactions with customer
  • Advanced Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) manual for each project
  • Comprehensive 145 point checklist for voice and data quality assessment
  • Designed and developed customized workflow systems based on client processes.