IT Solutions


Alliance Group International is backed by experience in various verticals, domains, technology practices and SDLC methodologies. The focus is on building solutions that enable and empower customer service, work flow automation and marketing processes, by leveraging telecom and internet.

Alliance Group International has been providing all round support, consultancy and solutions to the KPO, Telecom, BFSI and Internet industry. It brings to the table in-depth understanding of the respective domains and invaluable years of software development experience.

We offer our IT enabled services for:

  • Telecom and IP
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Market Research
  • Financial Services
  • Web/Application Development
  • Digital Signature
  • E procurements
  • Mobile Applications
  • SMS Engines

Telecom and IP Services

Outbound Dialers

  • Web centric
  • Browser based
  • Ability to work with all Telecom protocols including ISDN, T1, E1, PRI
  • Multi-country dialing
  • FTC regulations compliance
  • Multi party conference
  • Preview dialing
  • Digital Recording of voice files
  • DNC management
  • Voice File Management
  • Barging and Monitoring, both in stealth and coaching mode.

Inbound Customer Service Management

  • Web centric with browser interface
  • Integration with leading PBX vendors
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Caller ID and Call Routing.
  • Third party database Integration
  • DNIS - Dialed Number Identification Service
  • ANI - Automatic Number Identification (caller ID)
  • Call Conference and Call Transfer
  • Call Blending
  • Integration with CRM and ticketing systems
  • Remote barging using VoIP
  • Supervisory monitoring and barging

Services on IP and Wireless Networks

  • SMS based Alerts and Notifications using SMS Gateway
  • Interactive SMS based approvals for financial transactions
  • Automated e-mail generator using Mail Server for pushing reminders, account balance, ledgers or customized promotions
  • Automated Dialer to dial out to the customer and playing pre-recorded message about the transaction
  • Click to Call feature on the website allowing the customer representative to call you on the number of your choice.
  • Click to Call feature on the website to allow scheduling a call from the customer representative at your convenient time with pre-defined information.

Enterprise Solutions

Workflow and CRM

  • Work Flow (Rules and Rights allocation)
  • Recruitment (Candidate Information System)
  • Employee Information System
  • Attendance (IN/OUT)
  • Leave Management
  • Task Allocation and Management
  • Ticketing System
  • Process Management
  • Salary Management
  • Exit Formalities
  • Performance Management including Incentive Management
  • Message Broadcasting System

Market Research

Survey Development

An application library which can help you to design and host complex Market Research surveys with the ease. Creates surveys in multiple languages including Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

CATI Dialer Integration

Dialer architecture can be integrated with any leading Script designing tools such as CfMC and ConfirmIT.

Our Other Solutions for Market Research Fields :

  • CAWI – Web based surveys
  • Invitation Management using Automated Mailing
  • Developing Quantitative Studies
  • Sample Distribution
  • Quota Management
  • Online Reporting of Survey Status Portal

Financial Services

Mortgage Industry

e2e Loan Processing System:
  • Application for end to end loan processing
  • Allows creating of any number of loan/mortgage process stages and the document checklists
  • Multiple user levels
  • Admin and Supervisor control over leads till the loan funding
  • Callback/ reminder functionality
  • Message broad casts
  • Transaction history and logging for each customer / lead.
  • Integration with Predictive Dialers

Integration with Vendor's Mortgage Application
Ability to integrate with vendor’s default mortgage applications for data transactions.