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Custom Virtual Worlds

People and organisations are increasingly realising the varied potential for virtual worlds as they offer a much higher level of interaction and engagement.

We create discrete and custom virtual worlds for corporate clients - either over the Internet or the organization's Intranet. After assessing the client's unique requirements, we suggest the appropriate platform for their custom world.

We provide Full Life Cycle Project Management for creation and implementation of these virtual worlds.

Technologies used for:

3D Immersive Environments & Virtual Worlds

Unity 3D: High-fidelity graphics, multi-user compatibility, deployable as a standalone exe as well as on a web player, extensible to mobile-based platforms.

Shockwave: Browser-based, universally available plug-in, can be optimised for lower end hardware and bandwidth, customizable features, can be hosted on client servers.
We created a full 3D virtual transport simulation using Shockwave 3D (in partnership with Digital Touch Ebusiness for its Government client in Dubai)

Multiverse:  Licensable technology, superior graphics, customizable features, can be hosted on client servers.

Open Sim:  Open source, hosted on company servers, Second Life look-alike, customizable features, can be hosted on client servers.

Vast Park:  Emerging technology, superior graphics, 3D widgets, high interactivity, can be hosted on client servers

Custom virtual worlds can be created from scratch using Open GL, C/C++, Java 3D and Direct X.

2D Immersive Environments & Virtual Worlds

Flash & Java:  Universally available plug-in, faster turn-around time, low hardware and bandwidth requirements

Serious Games

Serious games are used to learn, train or solve problems by engaging the user in a far more effective way, than normal methods of training.

Indusgeeks has created multiple award winning serious/edu games for the healthcare, transportation, enterprise training and K-12 sectors. In addition to single-user games, we also deliver multi-user serious games for our clients, by leveraging our cloud-based, multi-user platform - Metamersive™.

  • Higher Engagement
    Gaming techniques like achievements, rewards and instant visual feedback are used to enhance learning.
  • Immersive Experiences
    Creation of high fidelity environments, immerses users in their learning or training environments. This helps create a greater connect with the content, something that traditional text-based or diagrammatic learning & training struggle to achieve.
  • Self-Paced Learning
    Single user serious games are great for Self Paced Learning, allowing users to learn, investigate and level-up at their own will. These games are equipped with computer controlled characters or ‘Bots’ to guide, inform or accompany the user in the learning scenario.
  • Assessment
    Progress and learning can be tracked and recorded through various assessment modules.
  • Exercises in Collaboration
    Multi-user serious games are meant for collaborative (p2p) and Instructor led Training/ Learning.


Advergaming involves promotion through branded games and experiences. These branding and marketing-related immersive experiences are now moving away from the standalone client based virtual worlds, towards a more accessible virtual experience.

To address this need, we at Alliance group are now working on 2D and 3D browser based immersive experiences (games, machinimas, virtual tours etc.) using Shockwave 3D, Unity 3D, Flash and other technologies.

For our client's, we created a social application that represented their telecom network in Second Life. The social branded app ('Follow Your Heart' Phone Network) allowed users to connect with each other. Users could also explore our client's presence in Second Life through an interesting and widely-appealing Bollywood-based game play, wherein their ‘virtual’ CDMA handsets and the telecom network were the implied communication channels. In addition to this we also created a global virtual talent hunt in Second Life, which was sponsored by our client.

Keeping in tune with the casual gaming revolution worldwide, we are using our expertise to serve clients within this domain as well.


Machinimas are animated films made using live game engines like Second Life. We, at Alliance, excel at Second Life machinimas which are a low cost alternative to animated commercials, corporate videos, etc.

In India, we have pioneered the use of Machinimas for marketing, product demos and training and have created films for major clients locally and globally.

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