Research Services


Alliance Group International INC. has earned recognition within the MR industry as a reliable and respected vendor partner by some of the largest research companies. As of 1st July 2010, Alliance Group had completed over 22 million B2C and nearly 1 million B2B surveys. With a 90% plus retention rate of clients in the MR industry, Alliance Group now heralds rapid further growth following the injection of private-equity funding in 2008-09.


  • Service provider to 7 of the top 15 global Market Research companies.
  • Providing global research services to clients across 75 countries in 15 international languages since 2001.
  • Strong relationships and client base: 90% plus retention of MR clients.
  • Successfully completed more than 6000 projects involving research with decision makers, CxOs, business heads, managers, doctors, specialists, consumers among others.
  • Pioneering global PowerMind© network of individuals worldwide, presents the ability to gain local contextual insight and services at a fraction of typical costs.
  • Geographically spread delivery centers include locations that present high skill labor pools at noticeable advantage over G7 pricing.
  • Trusted service partner for global research in IT, Telecom, Healthcare, CPG, Retail and Manufacturing industries.

Data Collection

A key foundation for any kind of research, yet data collection today is increasingly more challenging to execute, given the advent of consumer technologies, evolution of business practices, and relevant near-commoditization of portions of research cycles. Alliance Group has the best data collection tools to address client needs for acquiring authentic and well-managed data across multiple methodologies – embracing new technologies while maintaining traditional execution project goals and industry values.

Alliance Group proffers first-hand, organic, front-line experience and expert, insightful research knowledge. A team handpicked to ensure personalized attention to your projects, developing and deploying accurate data collection methods and insights presents a strong advantage to your clients.

Survey Programming

Alliance Group International INC. is a recognized provider of CATI and Web survey programming, offering programming services using the tools of your choice. Alliance Group’s large team of expert programmers partner with your team to ensure the highest quality programming as per the specifications desired.

In addition to the above, owing to our experience and an accelerated training process, our programmers can easily be trained on other proprietary tools.

CATI Programming

Web Programming

Customized CATI & CAWI

CfMC Survent



CfMC WebSurvent
Any server side scripting language

Azure Advantage:

  • Wide and in-depth knowledge of various CATI/CAWI scripting languages and survey programming tools.
  • High quality programming, precisely as desired and commissioned.
  • Quick turnaround time for various consumer projects as well as B2B survey projects.
  • Latest and upgraded programming logic requirements.
  • Provision of powerful real time online reporting system.

Data Processing

Alliance Group’s Data Processing services include the following:

  • Wide and in-depth knowledge of various CATI/CAWI scripting languages and survey programming tools.
  • Data Entry
  • Data Formatting/Preparation
  • Data Sorting & Validation
  • Translation of Open Ended Responses
  • Coding of Open Ended Responses
  • Data Tabulation
  • Data Export Management
  • Real-time editing
  • Mid-point coding
  • Graphical representations of cross tabulations
  • Stub-and-Banner Tables

Alliance Group's Advantage:

  • Highly qualified, skilled and well trained Data processing and Data tabulations team.
  • Experience with industry standard tools like SPSS, Quantum, SAS among others.
  • Capability to import data from just about any source, including other outside suppliers.
  • Output can be delivered in ASCII, SPSS or in a variety of formats as required by client.
  • Experience with Conjoint analysis and advanced form of Multivariate analysis.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping which includes store audits are excellent methods of tracking performances of various products/services etc. Alliance Group International has all the infrastructure and personnel requirements to enable you to conduct a flawless store audit/mystery shopping research.

Alliance Group's Advantage:

  • Trained team of mystery shoppers for evaluation and auditing of infrastructure, processes, service, delivery, operations, product quality etc.
  • Vital insights provided to help make strategic decisions in the market place.
  • Multi-location presence through its own delivery centers, offices, staff and partners.