Vision and Values

" To be a leading provider of knowledge based outsourcing services to a global clientele by offering value through innovative use of technology and harnessing the highest potential of its people ".

Alliance Group International envisions being a company owned, managed and shared by Alliance Group.

Core Values

Alliance Group International core values are summarized in its SPRITE philosophy:

SPIRIT: Alliance Group shall always work with a positive spirit and an attitude of getting things done.

PROCESS ORIENTATION: All activities undertaken by Alliance Group will be based on processes that are defined, documented and continuously monitored and improved.

RESPONSIVENESS: High responsiveness to the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

INTEGRITY: Integrity in all transactions with all stakeholders including clients, vendors, other Alliance Group and the society.

TRANSPARENCY: Transparency and fairness in all transactions and decisions.

Use Alliance Group’s strength in IT effectively to delight clients and maximize returns for them.